10 Adorable D.I.Y. Halloween Costumes for Kids

At a loss for costume ideas this year? Look no further! These super cute D.I.Y. costumes are guaranteed to be a hit with your little terror.

Have you ever been in this unfortunate situation?  It’s 6pm on October 30th.  You’ve braved the crowds in 4 stores that supposedly sell kids’ costumes, but the best you can find for your 6 year old daughter is a rather deflated pumpkin designed for an 11 year old boy?  “No mommy, I want to be a magical fairy unicorn rainbow princess!!! ”  Well, worry no more.  We’ve found 10 super cute and original costumes that you can make yourself.  Just click on the name of each costume for instructions on how to make it.  Enjoy! 

Baby Peacock


Paint Brush

Scuba Diver

Bag of Jelly Beans


Hot Air Balloon 

Toy Army Guy


“Boo” from Monsters Inc.

Gumball Machine

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