10 Halloween Songs for Your Party Playlist

Children or adults, who doesn’t like the typical Halloween songs taking over the place in the season of remembering the dead? Well, at least I do. Whether it may be sweet Halloween poems or significant message delivering songs, we need it all.

As a Halloween party without a planned playlist of right songs is more horrifying than vampires without fangs. Conversely, most of these songs have been sung by the band named ‘Halloween’ and other significant solo artists, even Michael Jackson. With monstrous

With monstrous Halloween costumes think of epic songs that you could play along with them. This all thriller will be essential for your Halloween parties or can be set on the repeat in your playlist to get the best out of the event. Furthermore, once you’re done reading this article, do not forget to check out these two amazingly informative articles as well, Halloween decorations and Halloween Jokes.

Are you ready to celebrate the year’s spookiest holiday with interesting songs, from creepy classics to essential ear pleasures? Scroll down to witness the best songs that have ever been made to date.

halloween songs

What could be better than your children swinging their little rears to compelling songs that teach them festivity? Apart from adorable costumes, imagine them ignite their spookiness with festive songs. Following is a whole lot of Halloween songs appropriate for children:

I’m in love with a monster- Fifth Harmony

This is a teen choice award winner song by the famous girl band that was in the X factor as well. Conversely, this is the album ‘Reflection’ which was released in the year 2015.

Ooh Eeh Ooh- Witch Doctor

This is a pop song from 1998, one of the best hits of the classical times from the album Toonage.

The devil went down to Georgia- The Charlie Daniel’s band


This song belongs to the movie, ‘Coyote ugly.’ It was released in 2000 and is categorized as ’70’s rock or country music.

Disney’s headless horseman song

A villain song from “The adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad” ,what is sung by Broom Bones.

Dracula by Gorillaz

This song was initially released in 2001 and it’s genre is Alternative and Indie.

Everyday is Halloween- Ministry

This song is from the album ‘Undercover’ that was released back in the days of 2010. The genre of this song is metal.

Jump in the line- Harry Belafonte

Conversely, the next song up is Jump in the line which represents the genre including reggae, Caribbean, the world, and pop. It was released in 1961 by Harry Belafonte and has had covers made of it numerous times.

Ding dong the witch is dead- Klaus Nomi

This song belongs to the album ‘Simple Man’ and was released in 1982.

Runnin’ with the devil

This song is from the album, ‘Van Halen.’ It was released in 1978 and it’s genres are rock and classic metal.

Monster mash- The Misfits

This song belongs to the album of ‘Project 1950’ released in 2013. The genre of this song is punk.

Do they know it’s Halloween- NAHPI

Produced by The North American Halloween Prevention Initiative, NAHPI. It was released on October 11, 2005, and it’s genre is indie rock.

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