21 Best Kids Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year where you can show off your creativity, and these parents sure didn’t let anyone down! Here’s the 21 best kids Halloween costumes over the years.

1. Dress up as grandma (I’m sure she’ll just love it).

2. What a cutie. These parents were obviously some great Sandwich Artists..

3. Safety first on Halloween! Just dress your kid up as a traffic cone, and the night can be stress-free. Gotta be the safest costume going!

4. Just kidding. THIS takes the cake. A walking, talking crosswalk sign will be a real traffic-stopper. Can I wear this in everyday life?

5. Mind = Blown. Spot the real legs!

6. Wait, where’s my taco going? Come back!

7. The true meaning of “my little peanut”.

8. A.. Uh.. Pile of poop with antlers? Maybe stay away from snail costumes this year…

9. Oh come on.

10. NOTE TO SELF: Do not make costume TOO realistic.

Or, child may try to eat it.

11. Or, get extremely concerned about their two new legs they’ve suddenly grown.

12. This. I have no words for this.

13. Just awesome. Get the whole family involved!

14. Yes Harry, the dog can come too.

15. And bonus points for costumes that go this well together (he’s her lobster!)

16. Don’t forget that on Halloween, you’re allowed to show off some muscles. “The beach is that-a-way”.

17. Be NOTHING short of epic. Seriously, so cool!

18. And make sure it’s Instagram-able #besthalloweencostumeever

19. Which means, taking the COOLEST photo ever of your kids in their costumes.

20. But in the end, it’s not the costume that counts, or the amount of likes you get, as long as everyone’s having fun!

21. Last but not least, the winner of Halloween. He’s no kid, but I think his costume might be a hit with the Moms.

“50 Shades of Grey” haha!

Have a safe, fun, and happy Halloween everyone!

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