6 Great DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a spooktacular time of year that pretty much every kid gets excited about. I look forward to decorating and planning costumes with my little one each year but do not look forward to the steep prices many shops require to make the most out of their Halloween experience. Over time I have found some great DIY options for everyone to still get the most out of Halloween festivities while not breaking the bank. You’ll even get to spend more quality time with your kids and get pumped up for the trick-or-treating fun!

Here are some of my favourtie Halloween DIY costumes that are great for those on a budget. I hope you find that some of these creative costumes fit into your howl-o-ween activities and festivities!

1. Glowing Jellyfish

This glowing jellyfish costume is great for trick-or-treating. It’s bright and safe to be seen in the dark and it allows for parents to bundle up their kids in warm coats without affecting the appeal of the costume! There are many variations of this costume; as long as you get an umbrella and battery operated LED lights, the rest is open to your on hand supplies and creativity.

2. Harry Potter

Muggles beware! This Harry Potter costume is so cute and oh so easy. Get into the Hogwarts spirit by expanding the costumes to more characters. Makes a great solo or group costume!

3. No-Sew Ghost 

Personally, I am not a master of the sewing machine and love when I can simply glue costume fabrics together to create a much easier version with the same effect as a pro-sewer.

This adorable and safe version of the classic ghost costume is still simple to make but allows for far better visibility than the often pictured sheet over the head version with cut out holes for eyes.

4. DIY Unicorn

For those of you who have kids that are obsessed with all things fluffy, pink, and magical this bright unicorn costume might just be perfect. It’s easy enough to put together, and, like the ghost costume, requires no sewing!

It can also be made with warm clothing as the base of the costume which is always a big plus when it’s a little chillier on trick-or-treat night.

5. Fuzzy Sheep

Next up is this adorable sheep costume. Easy and super cozy for your little one! It can easily be paired with other farm animal costumes or even more sheep to match multiple family members. Kids can get involved making this costume with adult supervision too, which is a good opportunity for a festive bonding experience.

6. Pink Flamingo

Who doesn’t love flamingos? Exotic and colorful, these unique birds make great Halloween costume inspiration! I like how they are nice and bright which provides better visibility in the dark for the frantic trick-or-treating night as well.

I hope these costumes provide some creative ingenuity this Halloween for you and your little ones! Getting the kids involved in choosing and helping with making their costume can be a fun bonding experience and can make this greatly anticipated holiday even more memorable.

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