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Our bloggers cover the spooky spectrum, from horror film reviewers to Wiccans to Halloween crafters to bioarchaeologists (they study bones!). We’re bringing you a dose of the heebie-jeebies, with Halloween stories, and other offbeat spooky topics.

If you’re a fan of fright or just want to explore something new, get ready for the fun holiday season with us.

Are costumes and crafts more your speed? There’s no shortage of inspiration on our blog, with writers dedicated to getting you and your little ones ready for an epic night of trick or treating.


Every year, all month long, for the month of October, our family turns our whole house into Halloween Town. This blog will show you how we do it.


We chronicle the DIY projects that take their house from homey to haunted, from Dracula glass lanterns to ghostly Halloween wreaths. We also curate Halloween ideas from around the web. Many of our projects are aimed at families with young kids — the whole family can get into the Halloween spirit, and simple supplies like paper plates and markers make them budget-friendly.

If you’re looking for costume inspiration, look no further, here you will find stories of our love of costume and disguise all year long.