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Halloween Party Tasty Treats

At our parties, food disappears faster than you can say “bone” appetit! I display our menu in a scary font to announce the creepy specialties of the haunted house. Frightful Food Here’s a sampling of our favourite frightening foods: Fiendish Fingers mozzarella cheese strings with green pepper “nails” Link for Fiendish Fingers Spider Bites  Ritz

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Aloha, fellow earthlings to the place where your Halloween is about to get easier. Jack-O-Halloween is one of the most festive and intriguing part of the entire season. Not only do you get to test your creativity but get to make meaningfully, interesting Halloween Pumpkin carvings. From sick clothing to nails must be on fleek, Halloween has us checking

Halloween Candy Decoded: The Best Candy for Kids

According to a recent statistic, the average American consumes 3.4 pounds of candy, or approximately 7,000 calories over Halloween! This extremely scary calorie count is equivalent to eating 13 Big Macs. It therefore comes as no surprise that in order to burn off all of these sugar laden calories your little kiddos would need to

10 Halloween Songs for Your Party Playlist

Children or adults, who doesn’t like the typical Halloween songs taking over the place in the season of remembering the dead? Well, at least I do. Whether it may be sweet Halloween poems or significant message delivering songs, we need it all. As a Halloween party without a planned playlist of right songs is more

Easy Halloween Recycled Art

This weekend get your kids involved and decorate your house for Halloween.  Here are some fun and easy recycled Halloween projects.  Tree Ghosts ·         Take old plastic garbage or shopping bags. ·         Stuff with old recycled paper for head. ·         Close off with string to make a neck. ·         Create a face with waterproof markers or stickers ·         Punch Hole

5 Foolproof Thanksgiving Recipes and Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holiday’s because it reminds me to appreciate family and to savour cozying up together by the fire. It’s also pretty impossible to think of Thanksgiving without reminiscing about delicious comforting meals and fun crafts with family and friends. 1. Thankful Paper Turkeys One thing I have been working on

4 of our Favorite Halloween Recipes

Some easy, simple, and delicious recipes to try with your family this Halloween. Part of the fun of Halloween is the opportunity it gives us to get creative.  Whether it’s about designing unique costumes, carving terrifying jack-o-lanterns, or making your home just that much spookier, Halloween really brings out the artist in us. Here are

Trick or Treat: How To Survive Halloween Without Candy

In an effort to find compromise, I decided that the healthiest thing to do was ration out the candy over time. So imagine my forehead-smack moment when I discovered that this is actually one of the worst things you can do for your child’s health! In fact, many dentists and doctors believe that you’re better

Halloween Party Ideas

Glittered Skeleton heads: Who knew Halloween could have such perks as well? Grab a creepy skeleton head and spray all over it with glitter bottles, or sprays.  This is pure art to me. Trick or treat  table: With the arrival of all your guests, I suggest you set a table right at the entrance containing

Brilliant Halloween Costume For Adults

Talking about the trendiest season of the year, we all sustain multitude responsibilities to fulfill. Conversely, reckoning that you’ve stumbled across this page to tone down the second thoughts that you’ve been having about what costume to go for. Here, you will find all the possible Halloween costume ideas to help you make your mind.