Easy Halloween Recycled Art

This weekend get your kids involved and decorate your house for Halloween.  Here are some fun and easy recycled Halloween projects. 

Tree Ghosts

·         Take old plastic garbage or shopping bags.

·         Stuff with old recycled paper for head.

·         Close off with string to make a neck.

·         Create a face with waterproof markers or stickers

·         Punch Hole at the top and attach string to hang from trees.

·         Should withstand all rain.

Egg Carton Spiders

·         Cut up your egg cartons into segments.

·         Color the segments any way your want with crayons, markers, paint.

·         Take black pipe cleaners and punch holes in carton to make legs.

·         Get creative with the pipe cleaners and make all kinds of spiders.

·         Use google eyes or markers for eyes.


Paper Tube Haunted House

·         Collect toilet paper rolls.  I have hundreds – feel free to borrow!

·         Put out scraps of paper, tissue paper, streamers, wrapping paper and glue around tubes any way you want.

·         You can make cuts to make castles.  

·         You can make cuts to make windows and doors.

·         Glue or tape different tubes together to create a house or castle.


Yard Ghosts

·         Take an old sheet you can cut up.

·         Find a stick or dowel you can stick in the ground.

·         Gather the top sheets and create a ghost head.

·         Make a cute family ghost circle.

Marshmallow Skeletons

·         Take stale marshmallows or leave out to dry.

·         Put out dark paper and have the kids take those stale mini marshmallows you are ready to throw out and glue them in the shape of a monster, skull, skeleton or wherever their imagination takes them.

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