Halloween Party Tasty Treats

At our parties, food disappears faster than you can say “bone” appetit! I display our menu in a scary font to announce the creepy specialties of the haunted house.

Frightful Food

Here’s a sampling of our favourite frightening foods:

Fiendish Fingers

mozzarella cheese strings with green pepper “nails”

Link for Fiendish Fingers

Spider Bites 

Ritz crackers and peanut butter with pretzel “legs” and chocolate chip “eyes”

Links for Spider Bites

Monster Mouths 

apple “mouths” with slivered almond “teeth”

Link for Monster Mouths

Witch Hats 

chocolate-covered shortbread cookies topped with Hershey’s kisses

Link for Witch Hats

Witch Brooms 

cookie and pretzel “brooms” drizzled with chocolate

Link for Witch Brooms

Eerie Eyeballs 

Cream cheese covered bagels decorated with red gel and sweet pickle.

How To -Spread cream cheese on mini bagels. Cover the bagel hole with a slice of sweet gherkin pickle. Use red decorating gel to add “veins” and “pupils”.

Bare Bones Shortcut

If all that sounds devilishly delicious but way too involved, here are some easier options.

Frightful Fruit  

Green grapes already look like eyeballs and sliced kiwis are pretty creepy, too.

Vampire Veggies 

For vampires who prefer something less meaty! Don’t forget to include some brain-like cauliflower. Sometimes I use a small, hollowed-out cauliflower to hold the veggie dip.

Scary Snacks 

Bugles corn snacks (they look like witches’ hats), Goldfish crackers, gummy worms, kettle corn or popcorn, and candy corn all get gobbled up at our parties. Give snacks like popcorn a Halloween twist by mixing in some candy corn or candy pumpkins. You can also serve snacks like crackers and popcorn in Halloween-themed paper baking cups

Link for Scary Snacks

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