How to Throw a Haunted Halloween Party for Kids

Look no further for Halloween party inspiration. Find all the inspiration you need for music, food, games, and decor in this article.

Let’s all pass on the overdone, expected Halloween party ideas, shall we? The Monster Mash? Heard it. Candy corn? Ate it. Pin the Face on the Pumpkin? Played it. Cobweb-covered entryway? Seen it.

Here are some spookily unique music, food, game, and decor ideas to use at this year’s bash!

Monstrous Music

Don’t get caught playing the same three songs everyone else is playing at their Halloween party. Bump up your party’s cool status by putting on some tunes that will truly set the stage for spooks.

For a playful party, here is a playlist for the youngest of partygoers:

  • “Superstition,” by Stevie Wonder
  • “Sugar, Sugar,” by The Archies
  • “Oompa Loompa,” from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Music From the Original Soundtrack of the Paramount Picture)
  • “Lollipop,” by Chordettes
  • “Pink Elephants on Parade,” by The Disney Chorus (Dumbo)
  • “This Is Halloween,” by The Citizens of Halloween (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • “The Candy Man,” by Sammy Davis, Jr.
  • “Candy Girl,” by The Four Seasons
  • “Hair Up,” by Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, and Ron Funches (Trolls)
  • “I Want Candy,” by Bow Wow Wow

These scary songs from your favorite movie soundtracks will keep everyone on their toes and watching their backs:

  • “Knife Fight In a Phone Booth,” by Anthony Gonzalez and Joseph Trapanese (Oblivion)

  • “He’s Here For Us,” by Michael Giacchino (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)

  • “Gotham’s Reckoning,” by Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight Rises)

  • “Adagio for TRON,” by Daft Punk (TRON: Legacy)

  • “No Time for Caution,” by Hans Zimmer (Interstellar)

  • “The Obscurus/Rooftop Chase,” by James Newton Howard (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

  • “Run and Shoot Offense,” by Michael Giacchino (Star Trek)

  • “Snape’s Demise,” by Alexandre Desplat (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2)

  • “The Abduction,” by John Williams (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

  • “The Tide,” by Hans Zimmer (Dunkirk)

Ghastly Games

Adult halloween party activities can be a spine-chilling way to break the ice and get everyone in a frightful state of mind:

Halloween party games for kids and teens don’t need to be horrific, but they should still pack a creepy punch:

Fearsome Food

Forget the bowls full of candy. Featuring impressive Halloween food recipes at your party will get your guests’ guts good and full for a night of fear:

And to satiate even the thirstiest blood-sucking beasts:

Deathly Decor

The best Halloween decorations are ones that match the specific theme of your party and the mood you are trying to invoke. A few ideas are to:

  • Place antique objects on your coffee table and side tables, fireplace mantel, and bookshelves. Think along the lines of broken clocks, chipped candelabras, rotary telephones, framed cameos, dusty bell jars, scratched mirrors, etc. to create a haunted house atmosphere.

  • Allow your party to move outdoors. You can decorate your seating area by draping wool or fur blankets over your outdoor chairs and sofas.

  • Hear your guests gasp with wonder after you secretly throw a few Mystical Fire colorant packs on the fire in your fireplace or outdoor fire table.

With a fresh take on the old (and tired) Halloween music, games, food, and decor standbys, your guests will be left in awe and dying to be invited back to your Halloween party again next year.

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